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Let’s face it, online selling businesses are everywhere and everyone with an online business strives to connect their brand to the public. With so many social network platforms, it is hard to decide how to spend all your energy on so many… and still for yourself gain an online network community.  To manage and to be managed in social network marketing requires how to utilize your social resources in more expeditious and unique way.


Below are some interesting stats and facts from Facebook, Google, Twitter and Linkedin …


Facebook Marketing Facts

  • 100% more comments for Questions type posts
  • 57% more likes increases by using emoticons increases
  • 33% by comments and shares increases by using emoticons
  • 42% Facebook Fans like a page to get a coupon or discount
  • 35% Facebook Fans like a page to participate in contests
  • 39% more interaction for Photo posts get in facebook
  • 23% more interaction for Shorter posts (70 Chars)
  • 2X more engagement for posts with photo album or picture in facebook


Best Time

  • 6-9 AM and 1-5 PM in weekdays is best time
  • 18% higher Engagement rates on Thursday and Friday
  • 32% Engagement rates on Sunday


Google Marketing Facts

  • Photos and media get more engagement
  • URL’s number of Google s is highly correlated with search rankings next to Page Authority in seo.
  • Posts are crawled and indexed almost immediately as Google is to discover new content
  • Proven more value to seo and organic ranking boost
  • 230M more users linked to articles
  • 241M more users linked to blogs
  • 9-11 AM is the best time
  • 6 PM -7 AM Worst time to post – mostly night time


Twitter Marketing Facts

  • 17% more engagements for tweets lesser than 100 character
  • 21% increased engagement for 1 or 2 #tags
  • 23X retweets rate when tweet with retweets
  • 12X retweets rate when tweet with retweets or RT
  • 2X more engagements for #tags
  • 53% retweets others
  • 55% users share links and stories


Best posting times

  • 9-11 AM and 1-3 PM have heavy traffic
  • 30% of engagement at 8 AM to 7 PM and 64% of brands take this advantage
  • 17% engagement rate increase on Saturdays and Sundays.
  • 19% brand tweets on sat and Sunday
  • Lowest rate on wed and Thurs days


Linkedin Marketing Facts

  • 38.5% said it helped to build new potential customer relationship
  • 2.1M Groups in linkedin
  • 81% of 259M professionals are in 1 group at least,
  • Overall in average Users in 7 groups,
  • 35.5% is member of 1-9 groups,
  • 25.1% in 10-19 groups
  • 41% use linkedin for marketing
  • 28% are senior executives
  • 50% are decision makers
  • 61% industry networking



  • 28.3% said it helped to identify business opportunities
  • 35.8% said it helped to increase branding/social marketing presence
  • 29% said it is important to grow business/network
  • 1.2M products/services showcased,
  • 53.6% used pages to display product/services
  • 3M Linked business pages, 35.5% said they have company pages



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