What is Hempress TV?


Hempress TV is a social media network for vendors and entrepreneurs who are passionate about buying and selling quality hemp products. 

Hempress TV is also a global Marketplace where vendors can socialize, advertise and sell all on one platform

We are home to radio hosts, vendors and artists who are interested in monetizing shows, commercials, campaigns and advertisement in the hemp and cannabis industry.  We are also a source for affiliates to partner with influencers, creators and other vendors that buy and sell hemp and CBD products.

Hempress TV provides extensive publishing tools and an online shop with a free membership account.  






                                               click to join!




new HTV Web Publisher 


 the app that takes it all mobile!



     *   Video conference 

      *   SMS live notifications  

             *    Launch and manage funding campaigns.

      *   Monetize podcasts and media.

      *   Monitor stats,  extensive analytics, views               

      *   Manage employees and affiliates.

      *  Sell video, commercial spots and services.



see it at    





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